"Mia" Taranis Voicepack

by Mia Winther

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Give your Taranis a crisp, calm, and sexy new voice for the price of a couple props.

This download includes a complete Taranis voicepack by radio DJ Mia Dahlgren Winther.

All 254 tracks are 16bit 32,000kHz (the highest quality the Taranis will play), so they sound much clearer than the default voice pack.

See it in action here: youtu.be/wfgccAU0NBc

The full voicepack (in the form of a zip file) is included as a bonus item that you can download when you purchase the album.

Installation is as simple as connecting your Taranis to your computer and copying one folder. Please see the README for more details: docs.google.com/document/d/1J6dxAkGoCmRJy2t5xV1KS5lIbazq4yQPYDUSi8oVEyk/edit?usp=sharing

In addition to the system tracks (numbers, units, etc), the following tracks are available for use in special functions:

acro.wav - Acro mode on
airoff.wav - Air mode on
airon.wav - Air mode off
alert.wav - Alert
armed.wav - Armed
atten.wav - Attention
bboff.wav - Black box on
bbon.wav - Black box off
critbat.wav - Battery critical
crowof.wav - Crow off
crowon.wav - Crow on
danger.wav - Danger
disarmed.wav - Disarmed
engoff.wav - Engine off
engon.wav - Engine on
failoff.wav - Failsafe on
failon.wav - Failsafe off
flapdn.wav - Flaps down
flapup.wav - Flaps up
flt-acro.wav - Flight mode one
flt-stab.wav - Flight mode two
fm-1.wav - Flight mode three
fm-2.wav - Flight mode four
fm-3.wav - Flight mode five
fm-4.wav - Flight mode six
fm-5.wav - Flight mode seven
fm-6.wav - Flight mode eight
fm-7.wav - Flight mode acro
fm-8.wav - Flight mode angle
fm-acr.wav - Flight mode acro
fm-ang.wav - Flight mode angle
fm-att.wav - Flight mode attitude
fm-crs.wav - Flight mode cruise
fm-flt.wav - Flight mode float
fm-fst.wav - Flight mode fast
fm-hrzn.wav - Flight mode horizon
fm-lch.wav - Flight mode launch
fm-lnd.wav - Flight mode land
fm-nrm.wav - Flight mode normal
fm-png.wav - Flight mode ping
fm-pwr.wav - Flight mode power
fm-rate.wav - Flight mode rate
fm-ratt.wav - Flight mode rattitude
fm-rce.wav - Flight mode race
fm-spd.wav - Flight mode speed
fm-thm.wav - Flight mode thermal
fm-thml.wav - Flight mode thermal left
fm-thmr.wav - Flight mode thermal right
geardn.wav - Gear down
gearup.wav - Gear up
lnding.wav - Landing mode on
lndingof.wav - Landing mode off
lowbat.wav - Low battery
nrmmod.wav - Normal mode on
sigcrt.wav - RF signal critical
siglow.wav - RF signal low
spdmod.wav - High speed mode active
splrdn.wav - Spoiler down
splrup.wav - Spoiler up
startup.wav - Starting up
thmmod.wav - Thermal mode on
timer10.wav - 10 seconds
timer40.wav - 40 seconds
timer50.wav - 50 seconds
tohigh.wav - Too high
tolow.wav - Too low
trnoff.wav - Trainer off
trnon.wav - Trainer on
tuneoff.wav - Auto tune on
tuneon.wav - Auto tune off
vrioff.wav - Vario off
vrion.wav - Vario on
warning.wav - Warning

Installation is simple:

1. Push the left trim switch to the right and the right trim switch to the left, hold them there, then switch on the Taranis (see i.imgur.com/K3YG4cU.png)

2. Plug in your Taranis to your computer with a mini-USB cable, it should mount as a removable storage device. You can also remove the SD card and use a SD card reader if this doesn't work.

3. Extract the .zip and drag its contents into the SOUNDS/en/ folder on the Taranis (you'll see similarly named files and folders).


released October 12, 2015

All voice tracks by Mia Winther. Editing by Larry Davis (lazd).



all rights reserved


Mia Winther New York, New York

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